Founded in 2009, the Yorbologic team consists of individuals who have repeatedly worked together to successfully deliver solutions to multiple customers. Though we make a conscious effort to keep the core team small, we retain the ability to rapidly expand the team, drawing on our contacts, as required, to address specific customer needs or to take on larger projects.

Our dedicated team understands the complexity of critical information flows and has developed an unparalleled depth of experience solving difficult accessibility, usability, and data standardization issues. We are widely respected by industry experts, our partners and our peers, but, most importantly, by our clients who rely on us every day.

Why Yorbologic?

  • Team that adapts to meet customer requirements
  • A process-oriented approach emphasizing open communication
  • Adopt various software design pattern based on customer requirements
  • Group of experience covering numerous technologies Oracle, Microsoft etc...
  • Experienced knowledge of Healthcare, Data Warehousing, and other domains
  • Network of service providers for design, managed hosting, etc.