System Overview

The system runs on your own Windows IIS web server and keeps all of your data completely under your control at all times. The system transfers files using https and a web browser.

Designed for organizations of any size that need to securely and easily transfer documents, images, and other data to and from customers, vendors, and business partners.

Replaces unencrypted ftp and email attachments, regular mail, CDs/DVDs, and faxing as the way you transfer any kind of data.

Completely secure solution for two-way data transfer. All data is transferred and stored encrypted. You have complete control over who has access to the system and what each user can see.

All data access is tracked. You can review this information in audit reports.

More Details

The Secure File Transfer System is designed for organizations that need to securely share data with their network of customers and vendors.

Files can be sent and viewed only by users who have been given access to one or more Shared Inboxes by the system administrator. One unique Shared Inbox is typically set up by the administrator for each individual customer or vendor who has access to the system.

When initially setting up the system and whenever else as new needs arise, the system administrator creates one or more Shared Inboxes. When a file is added into the system, it is delivered to one or more Shared Inboxes