Physicians Schedule

In today’s fast phased healthcare environment, Care Providers are finding it difficult to provide the correct depth of service to patients in a timely manner. Balancing the needs of the patients to the availability of the providers and physicians is a critical challenge that must be met. Managing a physician call schedule is the single most important factor in balancing this equation.

To answer this challenge we present the next-generation automated call scheduling service—Physician Integrated Call Scheduler (PICS).

Physician Integrated Call Scheduler (PICS) is a call schedule service that allows physicians to :

  • Submit requests for call dates online
  • Automatically generate an integrated call schedule for multiple locations for each physician and
  • Sends notice to the physician of their call dates or schedule changes by email or SMS.
  • The product also provides revolutionary feature for Health Care Administrators. The Administrator view provides
  • An aggregated view of all schedule requests
  • Generates a monthly call schedule for specific rotations, and
  • Makes swaps and last minute changes to the scheduled shift can be made real-time and transmitted instantly.

With its intuitive interface PICS will make it easy for your administration team to generate schedules in as few as 15 minutes cutting down on administration and training time.

Our solution also offers an advanced secured file transfer feature that enables you to transfer your patient records and other Protected HealthCare Information (PHI) from your customers, vendors or business partners in a HIPAA security compliant fashion. This top of the line secured transmission of notifications provides you with a worry-free environment with minimal risk to the integrity of your data.